The St. Anthony Hotel is a San Antonio landmark built on over 100 years of stories, memories and traditions. Thousands of people have entered our doors, and each one has a story to share. We’re on a mission to collect and share yOUR best moments.
Enjoy these stories, vote for your favorites and share your own.

Young Newlyweds

April 24th, 2014

Looking back, my husband and I were so very young when we married in 1984. He was 19 and I was 18. We were both college students who had been high school sweethearts. This was before the days of the… Read More

Love at First Sight

April 15th, 2014

This hotel has a very special meaning to my husband and me. On January 28, 2004, I arrived in San Antonio to spend time with a gentleman that I had been visiting with via emails, calls, and letters only, for… Read More

What a Happy Birthday!

February 12th, 2014

I grew up in a West Texas ranch family, and we drove to San Antonio several times a year to shop, bank, and visit friends and my grandparents (who wintered every year at the St. Anthony). It was so exciting… Read More

My First Room Service!

November 2nd, 2013

In the late 1950s (maybe 1960), my great aunt and I rode the passenger train from Beaumont, Texas, to San Antonio to meet other family members. We shared a room at the St. Anthony and she ordered room service breakfast… Read More

A Wonderful Mini-Honeymoon

September 13th, 2013

Because my new husband is military, we could only find time for a mini-honeymoon before our big one next month in Italy. We both love historic hotels, so the St. Anthony was a perfect choice. When Daniel Rush, night clerk,… Read More


Anniversary Rendezvous

August 6th, 2013

My wife and I spent the first few nights of our honeymoon at the St. Anthony Hotel in 1985 and have been back for a few anniversaries since. The St. Anthony has been a family favorite my whole life. My… Read More

Lived There for $7 A Day

July 22nd, 2013

At the time that I lived in the St. Anthony for 12 years, I was traveling all over the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico and Central America. I stayed in some of the most famous hotels, but none compared to our St…. Read More

Married There in 1955

July 15th, 2013

I grew up on the west side of San Antonio and met Mario at San Antonio College. My parents were in the grocery business. We fell in love and I was so thrilled when my parents planned our wedding at… Read More


Remembering the Sun Garden Roof

July 6th, 2013

My family was well acquainted with the St. Anthony Hotel. Whenever we traveled from Laredo, my hometown, to San Antonio, this is where we stayed. Recently, while reading about plans for a rooftop bar, I recalled something that my grandmother… Read More

Second Option For the Best!

June 25th, 2013

We were married in Borger, TX (30 years ago today) June 25, 1983. Our family paid for our honeymoon hotel in San Antonio. It was to be that we stay at a famous hotel beginning with an ”H” on the… Read More


A Family Tradition

June 24th, 2013

My father, Pete Burton, was from Oklahoma. He loved visiting San Antonio and his daughters, Leslie Burton Foley from San Antonio, Marcy Burton in The Woodlands and Amy Burton Stern in Denver, Colorado. We would all gather together in San… Read More

Unexpected Excellence

June 22nd, 2013

I “blind booked” a stay at the historic St. Antony Hotel and was a bit uneasy about staying in an unfamiliar hotel. When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with a level of service and excellence that I was not… Read More


My Future Husband’s Trick

June 20th, 2013

Thank you for recognizing an important past. In the late 1940s and 50s, the bachelor party and decoration of the honeymoon vehicle were the highlight of the men’s wedding activities. On August 12, 1949, the day of our marriage, my… Read More

Helped the Duke Escape the Press

June 20th, 2013

Happy Shahan used to say that he and John Wayne were at the hotel during some political rally or convention that both were supporting – not Alamo movie related. They were up in Wayne’s room and in a hurry to… Read More

Part of the Sales Team in the 80′s

June 2nd, 2013

In 1982, Intercontinental Hotels bought the St Anthony under the direction of John Sutherland, the Regional Vice President of Operations in Texas and Louisiana. John had visited the St Anthony Club on several occasions and fell in love with the… Read More

Harold&Bennie Reisner

St. Anthony Club President 1968-1985

May 10th, 2013

In 1959, Mr. R.W. Morrison decided that San Antonio needed a private club, so he hired Dorothy Draper, a trendy designer from New York City, to design the St. Anthony Club. It was designed with a Pub and great bar… Read More

Grandmother and the Bell Captain

May 3rd, 2013

The St. Anthony has long been an important part of our family history; many memorable weekends and holidays were spent with assorted family members enjoying the comfort of the lovely suites. We lived in the Valley area, so San Antonio… Read More

Houston Comes to San Antonio

April 25th, 2013

For several years in the late 1980’s my husband and I were honored to accompany the Kathy High School Drill Team and Cheerleaders when they participated in one or more of the Fiesta parades in San Antonio. We always stayed… Read More

A Dream Come True

April 22nd, 2013

I started working at the St. Anthony Hotel at the age of 13. My sister announced to our parents that I was getting married, so my father told me that it was time to get a job. I argued that… Read More

A Bus Girl in 1957

April 22nd, 2013

I started working at the St. Anthony Hotel at the age of 13. My sister announced to our parents that I was getting married, so my father told me that it was time to get a job. I argued that… Read More

My “Infamous” Youth

April 19th, 2013

In 1958, I experienced my first ”white” glove, seamed hose, veiled-hat luncheon in the Anacacho Room. This was in celebration of my graduation from Brackenridge High School. It was also my first AND LAST experience with tomato aspic. I took… Read More


A Romantic (although late) Honeymoon

April 15th, 2013

My husband and I never got a chance to have a honeymoon due to work, so when we finally got a chance, we took it. I searched hotels in San Antonio for two days, reading reviews, looking through pictures, and… Read More

Living the Life in the 40′s

April 4th, 2013

I lived at the St. Anthony during the summer of 1946 and 1947 while stationed at Lackland, where they had no air conditioning in the basic overnight quarters (BOQs). My favorite restaurant was the Sun Room in the hotel and… Read More


We Honeymooned for $33.72 in 1962

April 3rd, 2013

We arrived at The St. Anthony in San Antonio at about 11:00 PM. We left the car with the hotel valet and made our grand entrance through the main lobby. All eyes were on us – we must have looked… Read More

A Good Laugh

March 7th, 2013

My husband and I were in San Antonio on for vacation over Christmas weekend. We got there and told one another we would find a hotel when we arrived. We looked through a lot of the hotels, and decided to… Read More